Why Aren't WE Motivated to Exercise?

Social Factors

Lack of Energy: Laziness/procrastination.
Lack of Time: Too focused on work, school, or children.
Lack of Money: Unable to afford a gym/healthy diet.
Social Anxiety: Fear of judgement 

Physical factors

Insecurities/Self Esteem
Environmental Influence

What Is motivation?

Motivation is...

- Willingness of someone to do something
- Desire to act in service of a goal
- Extrinsic and Intrinsic desire to accomplish something
- A reason for actions, willingness, and goals

SMART Goals 4 Motivation

Specific : What specifically do you want?
       -  “I want to lose weight and tone my body.” 

Measurable- Is your specific goal measurable?  It is important to measure your goals along the way.
       - “I want to lose 2 pounds until I lose a total of 30 pounds.”

Attainable- Is your goal realistic and within reach?

       - “I want to lose 2 pounds by continuing to follow a healthy eating plan.”

Relevant- Why do you want this specific goal?

       - “I want to lose 30 pounds to fit into my dress the way I want before my wedding.”

Time Bound- Give yourself a timeline for your specific goal.
       - “I want to lose 2 pounds a week until I lose a total of 30 pounds.”

Scientifically based websites related to motivation 4 exercise

Neuroscientist Darya Rose focuses on mindful eating and exercise regime.

National Library of Medicine about exercise and weight loss.

Many People think working out means tight athketicwear and being ripped, but the best thing to do for your body is wALKING.